A Dispensary to Help You Better Enjoy These Mount Holly Community Activities

April 30, 2024

Here at Fire and Oak, we’re proud to be part of the Mount Holly community. Yes, our dispensary is in Mount Holly and we serve the town as well as the surrounding area. That said, our roots in Mount Holly run much deeper than that. Indeed, for many of us, Mount Holly is home. So, we do everything in our power to be the caliber of cannabis dispensary Mount Holly deserves. 

Part of that is promoting what’s great about this community, what brings us all together. As of this writing, spring is slowly heating up towards summer. There are so many great events coming up in the days ahead that give us all an opportunity to get out, rub elbows, and have a good time. 

Cannabis, as you might imagine, can help with that in a variety of ways. These are just some of the events that are coming up here in the neighborhood. 

Main Street Car Show 

Car shows have different benefits for different visitors. For some, it’s the dream of what could be. When they see that incredible vehicle from the past (such as the 60’s Corvette Stingray coupe that adorns the flier for the Mount Holly 20th Annual Car Show) it can become a life goal, wanting to eventually drive a vehicle like that. 

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For others, it might remind them of a time when they had a vehicle similar to that, a genuine window into the past. And that’s just what you can get out of some of the cars. 

This year, the car show is going to run on June 1st from noon to four. It’ll be along High Street, Washington Street, Mill Street & Rancocas Road. 

Now, even if you aren’t necessarily a big “car” person, there’s plenty of other fun activities, too. There’ll be all kinds of local food, beer, and wine options as well. 

That said, you’re certainly more than welcome to stop by our dispensary and pick up some products for the car show, too. Indeed, the right cannabis products can make you quite mellow and calm as you walk from one car to the next. 

Or, alternatively, you could opt for something that boosts your energy and creativity, so that you can plan out what you want to do with your own cars, too. 

Look Up at the Stars

For as long as there have been cannabis products, folks have enjoyed using them, kicking back, and looking up at the sky. If you’re like many of us, you probably have some memories (or some memories you’ve forgotten) of using cannabis, turning your head skyward towards the stars, and just… chilling. 

It’s one thing to do that alone or in a small group. On May 2nd from 8 PM to 11 PM, you can do it at the Rancocas Nature Center. The West Jersey Astronomical Society is putting together a night under the stars. 

Society members who know what they’re talking about will have plenty of telescopes as well as other optics available so that everyone who wants to can get a good look at the stars. They’ll also be able to answer the questions you might have, guide you towards some of the great stuff you can look at in our night sky, and so much more. 

You’ll note that the flier says to bring a flashlight and chair (optional) – but you may very well want to use some cannabis products before you arrive, too. That way, you can get even more out of the stunning nighttime sky. 

Rain or Shine, the Renaissance Faire 

There’s nothing like the Renaissance Fair. This year it will be at the Burlington County Fairgrounds on May 18th and 19th. If you’ve been waiting to put on your period gear and get out there to enjoy this unique event, this is the time to do it. In addition to the fun of being transported back to the 1500s during the day, there are plenty of great shows at night to take in, too. 

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While they may not have had the same caliber of cannabis products that we enjoy today in our modern era, they certainly had many products that could put them into a different state of mind. Our cannabis products can help you to get even more out of your journey into the past. 

A Dispensary in Mount Holly NJ 

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You certainly don’t need a special occasion or a special event to be able to enjoy cannabis. Indeed, so many of our customers just stop by after work for cannabis to feel better after a long day. To see everything that we offer, stop by Fire and Oak, your favorite Mt. Holly dispensary for a true boutique experience.

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