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June 19, 2024

There are many premier brands here at Fire and Oak. One of them is Clade 9. Currently, we offer different kinds of Clade 9 flower, such as “Figueroa Og,” “Fig Bar,” “La Piff,” and “G13.” If it feels like you can’t find those products elsewhere in Mt Holly, there’s a reason for that: we have an exclusivity deal with Clade 9. 

Recently, we sat down with Dave Holmes, the founder of Clade 9, to talk to him about his products, his process, what goes into Clade 9, and what it’s been like expanding into the New Jersey market. 

Clade 9 Founder Dave Holmes 

Tell us about your journey in cannabis. How did you start growing and what is the origin story of Clade 9?

I was introduced to Cannabis when I was 9 years old. My uncle was a guerilla grower in the LA National Forest but also had a garden in his backyard. My older brother who was a pot dealer had me harvest some buds from my Uncle’s garden when he wasn’t there. I ended up selling some to my 5th-grade peers and got in trouble. 

My older brother also ended up getting arrested for that same crop. LOL. My cultivation career came many years later when I was in grad school and my friend showed me his hydro garden. I was blown away by the sophistication and science and immediately started doing it. This was around 1999. 

The name Clade 9 came about because of my love of genetics and evolution. In grad school, I learned about cladistics and the study of Clades. A Clade is essentially a branch on the tree of life. 

Dispensary in Mt Holly

What are your personal favorite strains as a grower/consumer / and lastly, as a business owner?

Favorite Strain as Grower – Fig Bar and Figueroa OG because of their consistency. 

Favorite Strain as a consumer – This has evolved over time but it’s currently Fig Bar. It used to be Pre-98 Bubba and before that Mendo Purps or Skunk #1/ White Widow. 

Favorite Strain as a Business Owner – J1. It’s such a fun plant to grow and by far the best Jack cross I have ever grown in terms of yield and structure. 

What has your experience been like in the NJ market thus far? How did you decide to enter NJ?

The experience has been amazing. The New Jersey customers are knowledgeable and really know what they want. I’m happy to be able to give them some diversity and flavors not currently in the market. We entered NJ because we had a native on our team that gave us a path to licensing. It took several years and a lot of groundwork but we made it happen. 

What You Can Expect from Clade 9

How do you determine what genetics you run? Are you breeding them or sourcing genetics from others? What qualities do you look for in genetics to put into your rotation?

We try to grow what the people want. The strains we grow are a combination of strains I’ve collected, traded and bred myself. I try to build my menu based on terpene profiles. Essentially I try to find the best version of every terp profile whether that’s the best Gas, Bubba, Jack, Purp, Tangie or Candy Gas. I’m constantly looking for the best version of each category. 

We do a lot of customer strain testing to try and get the menu right. We’ve even made an event out of it that we call “Terpmasters.”

Any new strains in the works for the NJ market?

Yes, I’m working on adding Purps and Candy Gas flavors to the menu. 

Clade 9 at Fire and Oak 

As of this writing, we offer four different kinds of Clade 9 flower. These include: 

Fig Bar: Selected for beauty, potency, and its heavy effect, this Indica can help you to drift away. 

G13: Highly potent, this hybrid has a terp profile that derives from funky, cheese fuel. 

Figueroa Og: If you want to relax for a social situation, Figueroa Og’s potent enough to help you feel calm while you mingle. 

La Piff: There’s never a bad time of day to smoke this sativa. If you’re looking to feel energetic, creative, and euphoric, this strain gets the job done. 

Upcoming News from Our Dispensary in Mt Holly

You can find our Clade 9 products through our site or by stopping into our dispensary in Mt Holly. Clade 9 is going to be a featured brand at our Coffee and Cannabis Sesh on June 29th.  Tickets are still available and you can get one just for spending more than $50 at Fire and Oak. We look forward to seeing you! 


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