Just Some of The Local Mount Holly Businesses We Love at Our Dispensary

May 14, 2024

At Fire and Oak, we don’t consider ourselves just a dispensary in Mount Holly. Rather, we take pride in being a dispensary that’s a part of Mount Holly. This is our community. This is our home. We are grateful to be one of the many fantastic businesses in and around the area. There are many businesses throughout this great region of ours that we frequent quite a bit. We’re always glad to have you stop by our boutique dispensary, of course, and, while you’re in the neighborhood, you may want to stop by some of these great establishments, too. 


Marijuana and food go together. Whether you’ve got the munchies or you don’t want to partake on an empty stomach, Kitchen87 serves good, simple food at a very high level. As you most likely know, just any food goes with cannabis and cannabis-related products. That said, stuffed french toast as well as chicken & waffles hit the spot no matter how much (or how little) cannabis you’ve consumed. 

Their “Grown-up Grilled Cheese” more than lives up to its name while the “Build Your Own Burger” offers options that you might not find elsewhere (such as pork roll, a great portobello patty, and much more). 

They’re open from 6 AM to 2 PM, so they’re a great way to start off your day or a fantastic lunch/brunch that must be experienced to be believed. You’ll often find Fire and Oak team members there for breakfast and lunch, if you see us, say hi! 

Stratosphere Brewing Company 

We started our dispensary for many reasons, not the least of which was to be able to provide high-quality cannabis products in a unique, boutique location. So, we have quite a bit in common with the Stratosphere Brewing Company. As they say, they were “inspired by people who love beer.” That shows in all of the great beers that they brew. 

At any given time they have a wide range of on-site beers brewed on tap. Stouts, fruited sours, IPAs, IPLs, shandys, and many more – whether you’re a connoisseur or just someone looking for a new favorite, they’ve got something that you’ll like. 

Just like us, the owners (who also manage the place) always wanted to create an environment that was as warm as it was comforting. That’s true with their decor and their location, yes, but it’s also true with the food, too. 

If anything, they might sell themselves short a bit. While they say that they don’t “try to reinvent the wheel,” you can find unique, delicious items on their menu like fried cauliflower, cheesesteak egg rolls, dry-aged burgers, steak au poivre, and so much more. 

Check out their coasters (both sides) and you may be surprised, consider taking one to go. 

The Sweetest Spot in Mount Holly 

Mini cheesecakes. If you’re like many, just reading those words makes your mouth water. At “The Sweet Spot,” you can have the absolute most delicious cheesecakes in Mount Holly or, frankly, anywhere else. 

Whether it’s Blueberry, Strawberry, Oreo, or “Original,” each cheesecake that they serve is truly out of this world. (Part of the reason we like the minis so much is that you get all four at one time.) Of course, they have much more than just cheesecake, but, we dare you to eat there and not have at least one cheesecake. 

Everyone Wins at Salon Rock Paper Scissors 

“… a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love.” That’s how the folks at Salon Rock Paper Scissors describe hair, and, when you see the work they do, it’s easy to agree. For well more than a decade, they’ve helped folks to walk out of there not just looking their best but feeling it, too. 

Sure, there are plenty of places throughout the area to get your haircut, but at Salon Rock Paper Scissors, you get a unique experience unlike anywhere else. You can feel their passion for their art and their craft and, if you stop by for a new do, you can experience it for yourself. 

Robin’s Nest Right Across the Street 

If you look out the window of our dispensary, it’s possible that you’ll get a good look at the Robin’s Nest. Just as we do everything we can to make ours a neighborhood dispensary where folks can feel warm and comforted, they do the same for their guests. 

Plenty who’ve enjoyed a fine meal at Robin’s Nest (whether it was the beef burger, the BBQ pork sandwich, the honey salmon, or something else scrumptious) have stopped by here to find something calming for the rest of the evening. 

By that same token, many have found something they enjoyed at our dispensary and, feeling the pangs of hunger, wandered across the street to partake in their incredible meals. We highly recommend stopping by Robin’s Nest for brunch then coming to see us after.

The Colonial Cafe 

Maybe you woke up this morning and felt a bit more tired than you thought. Perhaps you’ve got a long night ahead and are looking for something to get you up and going right now. A great place to head to for coffee and more: the Colonial Cafe. Mitch and the team keep the Fire and Oak team well caffeinated. 

Their coffee flights are a trip worth taking. The house blend “Iron Works” works quite hard at getting you up and moving while tasting amazing, too. You can make a day of it: stop by the Colonial Cafe in the morning or at lunch and then come by our dispensary to find the cannabis that can help you to relax at night. 

The Trainwreck Distillery 

Live music. Karaoke. Fun events. All with some of the best drinks anywhere. That’s what you’ll find at the Train Wreck Distillery. A local, family-owned bar, it’s a cozy spot right there in an old train station. If you perhaps are lacking a bit of the courage necessary to get up and showcase your favorite go-to karaoke song, we have the items at our dispensary to help you feel elevated, euphoric, and ready to go. 

Our Dispensary in Mount Holly NJ 

Those are just some of the fantastic local businesses in and around the Mount Holly area. There are many, many others. If we were to list all of them, this would be less of a blog and more of a new version of the Yellow Pages. Here in Mount Holly, you can find just about anything you would want or need and we’re here to support our local friends. Shop anywhere in Mount Holly and spend $20, come visit us after and get 10% off your purchase with a receipt.

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