Just Some of the Recent Deals at Our Recreational Dispensary

April 02, 2024

We don’t believe that the only “high” from your cannabis products should be the price. Below are just some of the discounts currently running at our recreational dispensary near Burlington County. 

Fernway 0.5g Carts

“Cannabis makes the good life even better.” That’s the belief of the good folks at Fernway. It certainly comes through in their cannabis products. After all, they bill themselves as the “number #1 vape in MA, now available in NY and NJ.” While we can’t comment on Massachusetts, we can certainly vouch for the NJ part. 

Currently, we’re offering a new low price on .5g carts for $50. That way, you can get the same luxurious Fernway products for less than ever before. 

Great Flower and More Available 

Flower from LIT  is some of the absolute best on the market today. To help more people to experience LIT flower better, as of this writing, we’re offering it for 15% off. You can get that discount for London Pound Cake and Sundae Sherbert. 

Of course, LIT isn’t the only grower of great flower that we offer. Indeed, we also offer products from the aptly named Prolific Grow House. As of this writing, we have two strains of flower available (Candy Haze and Sherblato) as well as a top-shelf Biscotti preroll. 

Avexia – Of the Elements 

Avexia and their products are all about helping you to sustain your well-being and elevate your self-care so that you feel better both in the future and right now. We just added these great products to the menu. 

Right now, you can get Avexia topicals and tinctures on our menu. Many of these products, (such as the “Pain Relief Lotion,”) have a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. So, these products will help you to relax, to heal, and to just feel better all over. 

More Deals Than These at Our Recreational Dispensary Near Burlington County 

Those are just some of the deals that we’re offering right now. Indeed, there are others. That said, we don’t know when you’re reading this. It could be that, by the time you’re reading these, these deals are over. Don’t worry, though. We’re always bringing in new products and we’re always offering new deals. 

To see all that we have to offer, you can check out our menu on our site. You can purchase products for pick-up there. Of course, you’re always welcome to stop on by during business hours and see what a boutique cannabis shopping experience is like.

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