New and On-the-Way Brands at Our Dispensary

May 06, 2024

Here at Fire and Oak, we are always looking for the best cannabis products to offer you. That never stops. If there’s a great product that meets our high standards, we’ll find it. There are many great brands that we are either now offering or are about to offer (depending on when you’re reading this) at our dispensary in Mount Holly NJ. It’s also entirely possible that, by the time you read this, we’ve brought in some other great products, too.

“Only the Finest Flower” 

That’s how the good folks at Garden Greens, LLC describe their products. Having tried their strains , we can assure you that’s accurate. We aren’t the only ones who agree with them, they recently won “Best Brand (Flower” and “Strain of the Year (Flower)” at the New Jersey Dispensary Awards. As you might imagine, that’s quite competitive. Winning is quite an accomplishment. The team at Garden Greens continues to release new strains that are amazing, check back often for new drops. 

Timeless Vapes: Setting a New Standard 

For more than 11 years, Timeless vapes have raised the vaping standard. They do this in many ways, hoping to improve essentially all aspects of the vaping experience. If you’ve heard of Timeless Vapes before, it may very well be due to their signature flip case. In addition to making it all that much easier to discreetly enjoy Timeless Vapes, it also helps to keep the battery safer and even cleaner, too. 

Some other vape batteries seemingly go out of their way to add more buttons and add more settings, but all too often, all they’re adding are more headaches. Not Timeless Vapes. Their half-gram and full-gram batteries are sleek as can be with absolutely no settings to fiddle with, no buttons to mistakenly press, or anything of that nature. Instead, they’re just easily USB-rechargeable. 

Any discussion of what Timeless Vapes offers has to include their different flavors. They have “Energy Cartridges,” which are perfect for when you want to be uplifted. If you’re going out on the town or need to tackle a big project, these vapes very well could help. 

They’ve got vapes that achieve the opposite effect as well – “Rest Cartridges.” These help you to unwind, relax, and prepare yourself for slumber. “Chill Cartridges” can balance your mood, helping you to break away from the rat race and feel something akin to serenity. 

The Timeless and Fire and Oak teams kicked off the vape launch at our dispensary with a pop-up on May 4. The new vape cartridges offer a nice balance to the product mix at our shop. Stop in and chat with one of our Cannabis Concierge’s about the Timeless products. 

The World’s Most Trusted Edibles 

For many, when they’ve heard of edibles, they’ve heard of Kiva Confections. These edibles have been offered in dispensaries all around the country, of course, but they’ve also been seen in Forbes, Inc., New York Magazine, and elsewhere in prestige media. Kiva is entering the New Jersey market shortly with their Camino gummy line and will certainly achieve immediate succes as they have in other markets such as California. Their gummies have great flavors and ratios, with great looking packaging.  . 

Whether you want to feel excited, blissful, like a social butterfly, chilled and relaxed, or very excited, these edibles can provide that. They can also do so while being completely and utterly delicious. Follow us on our social media or sign up to our loyalty program to be first to know and have access to Camino Gummies from our dispensary. 

Anthologie: Experience Something New 

If you’re looking for cannabis that can take you on a journey, helping you to experience something new every time you consume, Anthologie can do that. Through their commitment to a sturdy bud structure and terpene preservation, they’re able to provide products that offer you a genuinely one-of-a-kind cannabis experience. 

Team Anthologie recently made its first delivery of flower and we couldn’t be more excited. We landed two very popular strains that you may not find in a dispensary near Mount Holly, AJ’s Sour Diesel and Garlicane. Both strains were extremely well received by both employees and customers alike. Stop in and check out both strains in our new bud bar and see for yourself. 


They may describe their products as “Grown the Hard Way,” but there’s nothing challenging about consuming them. Clade9 combines nine cultivation variables that are under their complete control to grow flowers that are specifically bred for terpenes. That in and of itself provides a high-quality product, but, beyond that, Clade9 goes even further. 

When we toured their facility and spoke with their team, we immediately knew that these guys were going to put out some fire flower. The team is dedicated and want to see consumers enjoy the fruits of their labor. We can’t wait to get them in our store in early May. You won’t be able to find Clayde9 nearby so come see us when it drops. 

Some of What We Offer at Our Dispensary in Mount Holly NJ 

Yes, all of these products are either in our dispensary right now or soon to be there. We will, of course, have all of your old favorites here at our boutique dispensary as well. To see everything that we have to offer, stop by or check out our site. 


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