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March 15, 2024

Have you been looking for new cannabis products, something a bit different? When you head to your local dispensary, does it seem like all they have is the same old same old? There’s nothing wrong with having favorites, of course. But, for so many, the time comes when they want to try something new. Here at our dispensary near Medford, we’re always offering great new products. 

Now with that said, we only offer new products if they meet our standards. You can rest assured that, if you see something at our dispensary, we stand by it, and it’s something we would and have used in the past. 

A Name Befitting a Legend 

With a name like “Legend,” these products better be good. Fortunately, they more than live up to the name. Their mission at Legend is to make products that are as affordable as they are enjoyable. Here at Fire & Oak, we can tell you: mission accomplished. 

Recently, we began offering certain flavors of Legend vape cartridges. Sunset Octane, Papple Blossom, and Citrus Berry Marmalade are currently available right here at our dispensary. Each has different levels of CBD and THC. Our staff will be more than happy to direct you to the best product for you. 

Garden Greens for a Great Experience 

With the arrival of spring, we now offer different kinds of flower from Garden Greens. In fact, we offer a flower from Garden Greens to make you feel how you would like to feel. 

For example, “Biscotti” flower hits you with a strong, cerebral high. You’ll feel buzzed up and down your spine, sure, but you’ll also be relaxed – and with a heightened sense of creativity. 

When it comes to a balanced feeling, Cherry Kush Mints can get the job done. Not long after consuming Cherry Kush Mints, you’ll feel your body relax, yes, but your brain will be stimulated as well. 

Z-pie may be at the end of alphabetical order but it’s a powerful flower. You’ll be hit by a euphoric buzz fast, helping you to feel creative, positive, and ready for what’s ahead. 

“Full of Passion” 

Those are the words that Savvy uses to describe their products. It is, indeed, accurate – that’s exactly how one should describe their sativa and indica that we recently began offering. 

B52 Bomber and Boston Cream, respectively, can both help you to feel relaxed and relieved. The former does so with a berry and spice flavor, which is just one of the reasons that it’s been a favorite of those with more cannabis experience. 

By that same token, Boston Cream has plenty of relaxation for anyone of any level of cannabis experience. Whether this is your first time in a dispensary or your thousandth, we can direct you towards something great. 

P-Funk From Prolific Grow House 

The folks at Prolific Grow House take great pride in both the quality and consistency of the flower they put out. This shows up in their P-Funk strain, which we’re very pleased to now offer. 

This is a strain that can do wonders for those dealing with a lot of stress who are looking for some relaxation. The aroma has a strong sense of the Earth with more than just a tantalizing hint of sweetness. 

Plenty to Discover at Our Dispensary Near Medford 

This is just what’s new at our dispensary right now, at the time we sat down to write this. Indeed, by the time you check out our menu and/or our dispensary, the odds are good that we’ll have brought in something else new, too. 

To see everything that we have to offer, we invite you to view our menu online. You can buy products for pickup there. Or, you can stop by our dispensary and we’ll help you find what you want.

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This product contains cannabis. For use only by adults 21 years of age or older. Keep out of the reach of children. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product, including for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning on becoming pregnant. Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery while using this product. Fire and Oak is licensed by the state of NJ. License # RE000776.

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